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Inversina Mixer

The Inversina mixes solids or liquids thoroughly and efficiently. The process is clean, because mixing takes place in closed containers that can be quickly interchanged. The Inversina mixes a diverse range of components rapidly and in an extremely gentle way. Segregation does not occur, even after extended mixing time, by virtue of the eversion phenomenon (Paul Schatz principle).

Applications for the Inversina: analytical labs, metal finishing shops, powder metallurgy and nuclear industry, manufacture of batteries, cement, ceramics, cosmetics, dental products, diamond tools, dyes and pigments, electrical and electronic devices, explosives and pyrotechnics, foods, homeopathic products, household products, medicines and pharmaceuticals, plastics, printing inks and many other products. The Bioengineering Inversina is available with capacities of 2, 20, 50, 100 and 300 L.