available for the following INSTRUMENTS




Bruker G4 Phoenix

Costech ECS4010

Buchi DuMaster D-480

Bruker G4 Icarus CS

Elementar CHN Rapid


Bruker G8 Galileo O, N, H

Elementar Pyro Cube

Costech Turbo N

Eltra CS2000

Elementar Vario Micro Cube

Elementar Rapid N®

Eltra CS800

Elementar Vario EL

Elementar Rapid N Cube®

Eltra OH900

Elementar Vario EL Cube

Elementar Rapid N exceed®

Eltra ON900

Elementar Vario Isotope Cube

Elementar Rapid MAX N exceed®

Horiba EMGA-620/621

Europa Roboprep/ANCA/Integra

Gerhardt Dumatherm®

Horiba EMGA-800/900

Eurovector EA3000

Leco FP2000

Horiba EMGA-821/921

Eurovector EA-3028HT

Leco FP228

Horiba EMIA-320V2/920V2

Exeter CE240/440

Leco FP328

Horiba EMIA820V/320V/220V

Hekatech HT-O

Leco FP428

Leco 836/736 ONH/OH/NH/H

Leco 900/932

Leco FP528

Leco CS125/255

Leco Truspec Micro

Leco FP628

Leco CS200/C200/S200/WC200

Perkin Elmer 2400

Leco TruMac

Leco CS230

Perkin Elmer 240ABC

Leco Truspec N

Leco CS244/344/IR212/232

Picarro CM Model 02

Perkin Elmer 2410

Leco CS300

SerCon GSL/Integra

Thermo Flash 4000

Leco CS400/C400/S400

Thermo EA1106CHNSO

Thermo NA1112Protein/FLASH2000

Leco CS444/IR412/432

Thermo EA1108CHNSO

Thermo NA2000/2100

Leco CS600

Thermo EA1110CHNSO

Velp NDA 701 Dumas Nitrogen Analyser

Leco CS744/844

Thermo EA1112CHNSO/FLASH2000

Leco DH102/103/RH101

Thermo Flash 2000 IRMS


Leco DH603

Thermo Flash HT/HT Plus

Analytik Jena

Leco RH402

Thermo Flash Smart CHNOS

Antek 7000 from PAC

Leco RH404

Thermo NA1500NCS2

Antek 9000 from PAC

Leco RO478

Thermo TC/EA

Antek MultiTek analyser from PAC

Leco TC136/336/TN114/RO116

Thermo NA2500NCS

Dohrmann DC

Leco TC300/RO300/TN300

Dohrmann DN

Leco TC436/TN414/RO416

Organic Carbon/Sulphur

Dohrmann MCTS

Leco TC500/600

Eltra CHS-580/CHS-580A

Dorhmann DX

Leco TCH600

Eltra CS-500

Elementar LiquiTOC

Leco WR112

Eltra Helios

Elementar trace SN cube

Leco SC632

Elementar Vario TOC Cube


Leco SC832 series

Elementar Vario Trace S

Elementar rapid CS cube

Leco TGA601/701

Metrohm 930 Combustion IC PP

Elementar Vario Macro

Leco RC612

Shimadzu TOC

Elementar Vario Max CHN/CNS

Leco SC144

TE Instruments

Elementar Vario Max Cube N/CN

Leco SC32/132/232/CR12

Thermo Euroglas All Instruments

Elementar Vario Max N/CN

Leco SC432/444/CR412

TSHR Instruments

Leco CHN1000/CNS1000

Leco RC412

Leco CHN2000

Leco CHN600/800

Other consumables available:


Reference materials/Standards for EA

Ion Chromatography


Pure chemical standards

Dionex AS40/ADSV/ASAP/AS50/AS IC vials

IRMS Supplement

Natural materials

Metrohm Peak IC Autosampler IC vials

Laboratory Analysis Service

Inorganic materials


Isotope reference materials

Micro/CHN (OS)

Nitrogen / Protein

Organic Carbon / Sulphur


Certified reference materials for IC, ICP, ICP-MS, GC, AAS, XRF, and various other petrochemical analysis methods. Stock items and custom-made blends are available.

Product list of IC single element and multi-element standards, ICP/ICP-MS single element standards, and water quality standards

Custom-mix IC, ICP-MS, inorganic – quote request form

Custom-mix organic standards (suitable for analysis of pesticides, PAHs, PCBs, VOCs and more) – quote request form

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